Strategic Real Estate Investment

Montreal - Quebec - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Los Cabos
real estate

Creation of new residential rental portfolios, providing an adapted turnkey service to meet your.

newly build modern red office building with warehouse
real estate

Commercial real estate development. Many large projects are currently underway across Quebec.

Recreational &
Touristic real estate

The team owns or has direct access to revolutionary and innovative projects. Indeed, the Stone Haven resort in the Laurentians is currently underway. Other sites in Mexico and in the Caribbean are also available.

and Civil Engineering

Investment in the mining sector and in public infrastructures provides an exposure to products offering an interesting return and diversification.

Financing Products

The private loan market in the form of subordinated and mezzanine debt is a very lucrative sector offering a competitive risk-adjusted return potential.


Tridan offers many integrated services to its customers: Consultation in real estate and finance, Asset management, Risk management and financial modeling, Economic and financial analysis, Rental expertise, and much more.

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About us

Tridan is a firm that specializes in local and international real estate investment. With excellence and complete satisfaction of their partners in mind, it’s members actively exploit profitable investment opportunities, should they be direct investments or investments through private equity funds.

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