Stone Haven Resort

Product description

The Stone Haven Resort, originally known as the McGibbon Mansion, had more than $9M in investments during summer 2017. The site is the NEW destination of choice in the Laurentians for all major luxury events, congress, conference, business meeting or wedding, all under 1 hour from Montreal. Stone Haven sure is the most beautiful site in the Laurentian. It is directly located next to Lac des Sables and to a beautiful mountain in St-Agathe des Monts, allowing year-long outside activities. The convention center has three special receptions allowing the site to host up to 1000 people for a banquet. Whether it is for business, for an event, for leisure, or simply for vacation, Stone Haven is the ideal place to go.

The actual complex will be completely renovated and will be the host of many investments within the next 5 years.


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